Become part of the Uspacy family of partners

Create and develop your own business based on honest partnership with us.

Actively attract new customers, consult and train users, sell Uspacy, earn 100% on Uspacy implementation and up to 40% from each purchase

Who can to become a partner of Uspacy?

Agencies and sales consultant,

who recommend the best solutions for their clients


IT companies,

that create products for business


System integrators,

for whom working with well-known vendors is the basis of their business



who are used to making money on creating solutions and applications

What do you get from partnership with Uspacy?
Fair reward

All active partners of Uspacy receive up to 40% discount on our products. From the first sales. Perfect revenue to build and grow an effective business.

The flow of customers

Uspacy will be working in a growing market, and the interest in the product even before its launch is simply amazing! We are not implementing our product, so who else will get all the potential customers if not partners

Comprehensive support and genuine partnerships

More information about the product? Help with education? Support for affiliate business? Consultations on affiliate marketing? Joint business built on honest partnerships?

All this is available to each partner of Uspacy

Free Uspacy for your own needs

All you need to do is to become our partner and you will immediately be able to use all the features of Uspacy in your daily use.

What is Uspacy?

01People and internal communications

Uspacy is a complete platform for internal communications and interaction with employees of organizations of any size - from small teams to huge companies.

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  • manage the company structure, no matter how complex it is
  • easily hire and fire employees
  • get acquainted with colleagues, immediately find each other, and make the interaction between you friendly and humane
  • be informed about important events and company discussions in the news feed, and make communication alive by using modern social networking tools
  • communicate in personal and group chats
  • use groups for thematic discussions
What can our partners earn on?
Consultations and sales

Each of Uspacy's partners can provide consultations about using the product and setting up the company's processes - all 100% of the money for these services remains with the partner. And when a client is ready to purchase the product, the partner earns up to 40% of the transaction amount.

Implementation of the product in the customer environment

Uspacy implementation is an interesting and profitable story where is created the real value. The client receives product customization, optimization of processes in the organization, implementation of new opportunities, and the partner earns 100% of the money for these services with his own expertise.

Education of employees of client companies

We are helping users with product consulting and technical support. But often customers want a personalized approach to using the product - and then partners come in to help, who are ready to offer a ready-made or individual training program.

Development of applications and ready-made solutions for the marketplace

Uspacy is a product which is based on an open API. That means that developers will be able to create their own solutions to extend the standard features of the product. That will add value to customers, and after the launch of the marketplace, it will become an additional source of income.